Posted by: lwagner10 | July 14, 2010


My recent blogs at and talk about the dangers of absolute certainty.  Certainty is also the bane of diversity.  At the core of every bigotry lies the certainty in the superiority of their race, religion etc. This certainty projects itself as certainty of the weakness or evil in others.  This is particularly true of homophobia  A recent article on LGBT allies coming out in the Dallas Voice provided a great perspective on LGBT diversity.  This article clearly points out the need for LGBT allies to be willing to express their support. This is really enabled by the coming out within the LGBT community.  It is the personal knowledge of LGBT people that is best able to generate true LGBT allies.  It has not been that long since many people could honestly say that they did not know anyone who was LGBT.  That was true for me as well, before coming out, I really did not have any friends or family who I knew to be gay.  I did, of course, later find that a few of my friends were LGBT as well.


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